Day 21-Dec 5/22- from Blue Mountains to Sydney

A beautiful day as was yesterday… should mention that cuz it’s been so infrequently.

Off to the big city of Sydney at 10 am but first to Jelly Bean Pools for a swim…. a 40 minute drive.

After lunch it was into Sydney and a drive through the downtown area ending up at Mrs. Macquarrie’s Chair. It has a terrific view of th Sydney bridge and Opera House & downtown. Fort Dennison in harbour is former penal colony and military site.

Woolloomooloo is the area that Sam hung out in as a teen. Can you believe there is a name such as that???

After checking into our hotel we went for a walk around the city. First we went to the Memorial to the ANZACs (Australians and New Zealand Army Coros) that went to Turkey in 1915 …..5000 were slaughtered It’s called the Pools of Reflections. It is In Hyde Park…a 16 hectare park in the middle of the city. The walk included the Botanical Gardens. The park extends to Sydney Harbour. The area has quite a number of heritage buildings abutting it.

Hyde Park barracks in since1917 … was originally to house prisoners. L. Macquarie—- governor 1917

More pictures to follow…. The platform keeps crashing with too many pictures

When the Sydney Opera House was built it was to cost 7 million but eventually ended up costing 108 M

We walked around it and the waterfront…. We were faced with a spectacular sight. Right up there with Dubai and Shanghai with their awe-inspiring designs.

Thunder and lightning struck at the same time so you know how close it was, while we were eating dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant. The workers ducked for cover like it was a bomb going off. It was quite the thrilling experience. And then the downpour!!! And I thought the suggestion that we bring a rain jacket on our walk had been foolish.

13,871 steps today

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