Day 4-Nov 18/22-Halls Gap

Oops forgot to add my steps….18,026 steps on the 16th & 10,387 on the 17th.

We awoke to cockatoos tapping on our window. There are many…. Maybe 8-10. There are Roos wandering around, and deer and a couple of emus. A herd of kangaroos is called a mob!!!

We originally were to go to Mackenzie Falls but it was closed due to flooding as was the “Grand Canyon” and so we climbed to the Pinnacle in Grampian Nat’l Park. OMG I am so sore and tired. It was 2+ km up and 2+kms down and a 800 metre increase in elevation. Absolutely beautiful…. Crazy rock formations. I understand the mountains are volcanic with sandstone thrown in. This place is on the other side of where were the night before.

Then we drove into this beautiful, spotless, old town of Stawell for lunch. After lunch to a winery …..“Bests”. Then to Lake Fyans. Unfortunately again, the road to where we were to go was closed due to flooding but we did stop at another place. This lake has been flooded since the early part of 1900’s. The dead trees are still standing in the middle. We did see a couple of black swans with 3 chicks.

Then back to the motel and dinner. After we witnessed a couple of male kangaroos fighting. Talk about kung fu fighting!!! I’ll have to try separately, the video of the kangaroos fighting. If I am unable to you’ll have to ask to see it once I am home.

Kung Fu fighting Roos
This is the video of the frogs from Bordertown

11,635 steps

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