Day 3-Nov 17/22-heading to Halls Gap

First stop (after 2 hours)Coonalpyn where there are grain silos that have beautiful murals of children painted on the sides. As well, the walk under the railroad tracks have individual pictures I would say were painted predominately by children.

Next stop (1 hr. more)called “Bordertown, SA… at a bakery where all purchased delicious individual pot pies. The rest area there was some really weird sounds coming from the water iris’. Someone described the sound as similar to someone plunking a banjo……badly! Apparently they are frogs.

Next stop…..Pink Lake. It isn’t very pink for us because they have had so much rain that it is flooded, diluting the waters. The pink is caused by algae excreting a dye….. only done went the salt content is sufficient.

Got to Halls Gap in Grampian National Park, dropped our bags and went for a beautiful hike to Venus Baths.

I am not sure how these pictures are going to show and cannot seem to add comments. I will attempt to send more pictures of Thant hike. Wifi isn’t great!!!

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