Paris, France and off ship-Aug. 27-31/22

In the Le Havre harbour as we are leaving for Paris, we see the parts for making the wind turbines….laying flat….the humongous poles and the enormous blades. Apparently the blades wear out and then have to be replaced. Problem is what to do with them used. Apparently they are not exactly recyclable.

It takes us 3 hours to drive in with a short break. The countryside could be anywhere….nothing really noteworthy except chalk cliffs in places.

Oh my, this hotel is not what we were expecting especially after being quite spoilt on the ship. First, the room is about 8 feet square plus a very small bathroom. There is no Airconditioning and we are on the ground floor so don’t feel comfortable sleeping with the windows open. Thankfully they moved us the 2nd day to to the 3rd floor….and there is a fan in the room….whoopie! We did not venture very far the first day but got 2 days on the “TO-OT Bus”….a hop-on, hop-off plus a Seine River cruise.

Palais Garnier is built in the Baroque style, took 15 years to built-1860-1875

In the 19th century Baron Haussman changed the look of Paris. He was the Prefect of Paris 1853-1870. 60% of buildings are of that style of which Paris looks.

Top three priciest cities in world.

Comedie de Francaise is the House of Moliere. The actor died who on stage wearing green so since, green is not a lucky colour for Parisiens.

Louvre Museum is largest museum in the world. It was the palace of the Kings Louis XIV and XV that lived here before moving to Versailles. The glass pyramid in middle was commissioned by President Francois Mitterrand.

Louvre on left side going upstream on the boat … was fortress in 1200, palace in 14th & 15th centuries. There are 38,000 pieces of art.

Pont Neuf is relatively near Notre Dame

Conciergerie across on the Left Bank also home to Ste. Chapelle.. church with 50’ high windows. The Consiergerie was a palace and then a prison where they beheaded Marie Antoinette.

The pedestrian only promenade along the Right Bank was once roadways. In the summer they turn it into beaches by adding sand.

Notre Dame….. Largest circular stain glass window in the world. It is also mile “Zero”. All roads lead to Notre Dame. It is built on Ile de Citie. Notre Dame was built in 1163-1345. In 2019 a fire caused the centre spire to collapse but the rest of the structure held. They are hoping to have it repaired in time for World’s Fair in ‘24

Isle of the city…2 bridges cradle of Paris. 4th century AD was when the city was christened with the name of Paris.

In the Latin quarter. … Area of schools and students. Sorbonne amongst, started in 1257.

Middle Ages Museum.

2nd Largest hotel in visits after London .. Bangkok is 3rd.

Place de Institute … domed building

D’Orsay Museum.… originally train station, then Nazies took it over during war… now a museum.

1836 Arc d’Triomphe …built by Napoleon in honour of those that have died in war. The Arc is tomb of unknown soldier. The 12 streets that radiate from the roundabout that surrounds it, is in the shape of a star.

National Assembly (covered in sheet)….seat of Democracy. Champs d’Ellysse … mile long developed by Louis XIV

Trocadero Square … Palais de National Theatre

Eiffel Tower….1000 feet high …. Built for the World’s Fair of 1889. Eiffel was the owner of a steel factory. They brought the prefabricated sections to the site where it took 2 years to build from 1887-89 which was 100 years since the French Revolution. The tower is rustproof and lighter than reg steel. It takes 60 tons of paint to repaint it.

Pass under 22 of 37 bridges on Seine in Paris

Right is left bank, left side is right bank …. We are heading upstream.

1987 flame from Statue of Liberty & 10 years later. Princess Diana died in tunnel right there.

Pedestrian area was once a street for vehicles.

Alexandre III gave bridge … liberty style with garlands.

Concorde square (means peace but where 2300 people were beheaded) ….to National Assembly building. Obelisk is from Egypt thanking the deciphering of hieroglyphics. Orange trees on Concorde square.

Thomas Jefferson bridge beside building that he used to fashioned White House in America.

Littlest house in Paris now art gallery.

The river boat made a uturn ….then you see the St. Louis Isle. Now the right side is the right bank and left is the left cuz we are now heading down stream.

Claude Monet lived in Paris near seine street.

Palais Invalid is a hospital for “broken faces” or “disables”… now is for living martyrs.

Next building from Russia

Brass gates is a celebratory palace.

Pont Marie… the most romantic bridge. Confluence of the seine river.

Miscellaneous pictures from our boat ride on the Seine.

I will send more miscellaneous picture on the posting. I think this site cannot handle too many more pictures without crashing

2 thoughts on “Paris, France and off ship-Aug. 27-31/22

  1. Vivien

    Peek a boo…I see you. 😉 What a wonder full adventure, thanks so much for sharing all ypur pics and info…hiw do you remember it all. Safe travels home. Hope we can visit soon, when you are rested, I will be up island until Monday. Hugs



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