At sea Aug. 24&25

Nothing much happened yesterday, the first of 2 sea days except sleeping in (no tours to run off to) and lazing by the pool. It was quite hot…. even if the morning started out cool. Got a slight burn in between dips in the pool.

Last night we were to enter the Kiel Canal…..supposedly at 2 am but who knows. I wasn’t awake. This captain is always ahead of schedule so it was probably earlier. We arrived at our exit point at the Elbe River at 9:30 am not noon as planned.

In the other lock we watched as they managed to get 2 larger vessels and 3 smaller ones.

This Kiel Canal (Kiel is the name of the town on the Baltic), was previously named Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal after William II of Germany. It was completed in 1895 to avoid the long journey around Denmark. Apparently it is the most used canal in the world according to Wikipedia but I had never even heard of it before.

As we were to exit into the Elbe River (Hamburg is further upstream in Germany), the managed to cram 2 larger and 3 smaller freight carrying ships into the lock opposite us.

The canal is 61 miles (98kms) long and saves nearly 250 nautical miles by avoiding the typically rough seas of the North Sea around Denmark’s Jutland peninsula.

Larger vessels than our “little” ship, cannot use the canal because they cannot clear the bridges.

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