Pictures from October 31/19

Graffiti in the neighbourhood ….at the skateboard park.

Now if this is a beautiful piece of graffiti art!

Central water source!

Giant lobster on the waterfront walkway

So many hams for sale but I think they are all just salted not smoked!

Inside the meat shop…so many different kinds of sausages.

Angus beef or not, would you pay $46.25/ kilo for a bone in strip loin???

Another water source/ fountain….someone have a drink from the fountain!

Amusing display character on the balcony….there where more different ones but only posting one

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia (Barcelona Cathedral)

Sculpture at the modern art museum

Alley leading to the cathedral….cool!

Protective framework around light standard bulbs

Love this enclosed balcony!

On the “Passion” portal of the Sagrada Familia is written Jesus Nazarenes……Rex. Judaeorum

The video that I have posted above, is an example of the Catalonia protests that seemed to pop up every so often.

2 thoughts on “Pictures from October 31/19

  1. Carolyn

    Oh my Gail – the pictures you’ve captured and the descriptions of your surroundings are amazing. I love looking at everything a couple of times over along with your descriptions – WELL DONE. LOVE IT. THANK YOU

    Liked by 1 person


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