Sagrada Familia… info from tour and more pics

Was started in 1882 … in the geographical centre of Barcelona. In 1926 gaudi died in an accident. He was 74 yrs old.

This structure is still under construction …finish date hopefully….2026.

Main facet on the south side called Assention .. yet to be built with 4 more towers bigger than in east where we entered.

Front is the birth and is in east.

Sculptures were destroyed during civil war and so replaced after… different colour a whiter colour.

Oxidation colour of different bronze on entrance gate is green and red and yellow.

Turtle on left is sea turtle, on right is land turtle 🐢

172 metres high will be the completed height.

100% of weight is supported by interior pillars not exterior walls. Also under stone is reinforced concrete

St George is the patron saint of Catalonia ….a black sculpture of what what looks like Batman or Darth Vader. Same sculptor on west side, the exit which was called the “passion” was by Josep Maria Subirachs. It’s modern, impressionist style… block with straight lines… wow!

Gaudi made models with strings and weights to come to perfect support.

Completed, the Sagrada will have 12 bell towers…..84 bells …4 meters high.

Exterior column

In the stained glass are names of cathedral throughout the world… this one is “Lourdes”

Stained glass is extraordinary

The beautiful glow of colours by the sun (it was cloudy this day), through the stained glass on the western wall… the passion

Judus’ kiss of death to Jesus

Jesus being whipped with cat-of-nine tails

Pontius Pilate looking on so sad that there was nothing he could do to stop what was about to happen.

The grey on the model is what has been completed and the yellow is what is scheduled… hopefully by 2026

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