Off to Barcelona….October 25/19

Before even getting off the ground, I had an unbelievable number of notifications regarding a delay of departure times…..mostly for the British Airways flight from Vancouver to London….in total about 15. (I did get about 3 regarding the changes on the Air Canada to YVR). We, my travel companion Ron and I did finally leave the ground in Vancouver, close to 2 hours late. That delay was caused because the previously planned aircraft, had to be replaced with another. Because of that delay, our connecting flight to Barcelona was changed to another leaving an hour later. When we did finally make it into BCN, the temperature was over 21……….so much different than pouring rain and wind in London and the winds that stopped the ferries in Vancouver.

Let me tell you about the wonderful experience of BA both on the ground in the airport in Vancouver and on the 747 to London. As business class passengers we were invited to use the BA lounge …..a first for me. There were comfortable seats to sit on, soups and sandwiches, fruits and alcoholic drinks as well as non alcoholic drinks and several ladies running to pick up after you or get you anything you’d like whether it was a pillow or a blanket or whatever…… civilized. As Ron and I discussed….we could get used to this real easy! Then on to this plane…..seated in the upper deck, in again comfortable seats with leg room….stretch out, slide down so your reclining or if further…..flatten out, the foot rest comes down and can be met with the seat, making it a bed….wow! Lots of storage besides the overhead, tv screen, etc and all the while you are almost facing your partner face to face….not side by each so you can carry on a conversation. So nice! Only thing, if you are seated at the window, getting out when other passengers are sleeping, is just a little difficult cuz you’ve got to step over their extended legs. Oh my….the food and the heavy-handed pour of the wine or “whatever you like”!!! I could get to like this!

We took a taxi in to our hotel “Paral-Lel”. It’s quite sufficient….not luxurious but clean and well equipped. Both of us were too pooped to try checking out the city. Tomorrow is another day.

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