Bratislava, Slovakia-May 9/19

Bratislava-May 9/19

It’s raining….it’s miserable….! We are taking a little train. 5.4 country—- .5 million city cuz not many feel like get soaked.

5-6000€/sq. m. for luxury condo in Bratislava.

Wedding cake building … home of philharmonic orchestra….below!

Head of country is a woman PM who will be inaugurated in June.

Presidential palace in Rocco style formerly belonged to the Count Grassily family….above.

Part of European Union community and use Euros.

Autos…..(a million / year…. 3 manufacturers BMW, Citroen-Peugeot, VW) and technology industry are the 2 main employers.

Most streets have cars parking on the sidewalks ….kind of odd.

And this is the way we park in Bratislava!

Our guide told us, “you don’t have to go to Egypt to see a pyramid. We have an upside down one here!”

2500 years ago the Celts settled. They there until until the 1st BC then the Romans and the Slavs in 6th Century.

The towers of the castle (palace) are from the 13 and 15 th centuries but the building itself has been in existence since the 9th century.

Mary Theresa of the Hapsburgs, was the most important and most loved ruler. She abandoned witch hunts and instituted and built hospitals and schools

“UFO” bridge…. built in 1972 looks futuristic.

UFO Bridge as seen from the castle.

The “Old Bridge” that is only 3 yrs old but was rebuilt to look the same as the one before…..old!

In a park down by the pier, this statue that says it all!!!

Fertile very flat farmland.

Vineyards produce grapes for White Riesling 80% & Red “Blue Franc” 20%

We have been hearing of how it was when the soviets were here… couldn’t go 8 kilometres down the road…… to Austria or wherever without possibly being shot. Electrified barbed wire fences etc.

In the afternoon we went to visit a family in a village called Cifer.

Very accommodating, mom spoke really pretty good English…. 3 kids and a husband who was away working inAustria because they make more money working away. They had a lovely garden and outside living space. Wine cellar with stainless vats…impressive. The family showed us a painting of the great grandmother. The mom and two daughters had the same huge blue, blue eyes as the gg.

Lunches are free to children and seniors ride free on the trains … now that there is election coming up. After election they expect it will be taken away….hahaha!

Boring Industrial looking buildings are from Soviet era.

Lots of electric trolleys…. no metro.

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