Rhine-Main-Danube Lock at Scheitelhaltung-May 5/19

Shortly before arriving at this lock, the canal passed over a road in much the same way as a highway passes over top another. Only thing different I would think is the weight difference. Can you imagine the reinforcements necessary for the weight of the water, the ship and the 200 plus people on the boat never mind the weight of the lock itself? I’d say a major engineering feat!

From here it is at the high point on the whole system. From here we go down instead of bucking the current. This lock is huge….81 ft deep (1332 feet above sea level). I tried to included 2 videos. One of the boat rising in the lock and one of the wheelhouse being lowered…..but it won’t upload. Sorry!)

Passing under a bridge……close huh and there is a wheel house and sun deck up there although all railings and the house have been lowered
The side of the lock

This is where there are 3 reservoirs. I mistakenly said that each lock has this set up but it just this one where the water flow changes.

3000€ is the cost for this ship to pass through ”canal” part and only from one end to other. River part is no charge.

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