April 28/19..Woke up in Germany passing by a lot of industry. Later on passed by Dusseldorf……looked lovely with lots of the old style buildings.





Yesterday we were passing boats to the right (as we in Canada, drive on the road). Today we were travelling on the left. We wondered why. According to Mr. Google …..”The vessel which has the wind on its starboard (right) side has the right of way. The vessel which has the wind on its port (left) side must give way.” I would assume that sometime we will switch to the other side.


Cologne…. could not get off but in Zons because the lock was not working. Had to take a 40 minute bus ride.


Modern tuk tuk???

If looking for luck in love, you rub this statue’s nose

Fishmonger womens waterfountain in Old Town

Reconstructed Old Town

River walk (and bike path) park ….. old town

3 million population with a 0% population growth. Lots of gardens for family use.

Canola is grown for vehicle fuel.

Biggest ethnic group is Turkish, then Italian and Spanish. They settled here after being brought in to work for a number of years but they all decided to stay.

It was founded 2000 years ago…. by the Romans. It was part of Roman Empire. The city was named after Colonia Aggripa. … a Roman girl.

Huge, huge manufacturing plant Bayer.

Used to be 400,000 working in coal mines producing 400,000 tons annually …. now only 10,000 tons are produced.

Cologne…..90% destroyed during war. 70% of city centre

“Bikes are over taking cities.” (Not just Victoria). Example ……one lane for cars with one lane each side for bicycles.

It costs 1,000,000€ just to maintain cathedral without actually cleaning the limestone.

Fast trains go 300 kms/ hour. 1.5 hr to Amsterdam from here.

During concerts at the concert hall, they put guards around courtyard …. to keep people off of what is the roof of the music hall…at a cost of 10,000€/mo….. because of the noise people, etc. created by walking or riding on it causes….. oops!!!!

There is a statue of Emperor Willheim… last Prussian emperor on horse… (by the train station and cathedral).

St. Martin church…. near by is area that was rebuilt after the war

City hall clock, in old city market

City Hall clock tower in Old Market

1248 Cologne Cathedral was started to be built. OMG what a spectacular cathedral! Impressed me more than probably any I have ever seen before. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Cologne Cathedral

6 thoughts on “Cologne

  1. sueswings

    Your pictures are stunning and take me back to the trip I did. The churches and old buildings are my favourite things in Europe. One of the things that amazed me was the number of people who live on barges – they have their autos on board – little playgrounds for their children – clothes lines. They work and live on it hauling loads up and down the river. Such a beautiful heritage in Europe and wonderful that they preserve it for all of us. Hope you are enjoying every moment. Susan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rae

    Wow Gail, that cathedral is magnificent. Do you know why there isn’t any more people being born into the city for growing population. Beautiful pics Gail.


    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      Yes that cathedral is like none I’ve ever seen.
      As in Canada most people have one or zero children. In order to have “economic” growth they need to increase the population so they have to rely on immigration.



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