Lima…March 16-18/19

We arrived fairly early in the port of Callao. We were forwarded that it could be chaos and it was. The port is quite ugly but then as we head into where we are going to be staying ….. oh it vastly improves! It’s gorgeous driving along the shore with a pier and surfing schools. The steep banks are covered in nylon netting then planted mostly with Purple morning glory. It holds the hillside and looks pretty. Then up into Miraflores…. the “high rent district”. Oh my! Gorgeous, gorgeous hotel!

Following pictures of Jose Antonio Deluxe in Miraflores…Peru. In the front entrance

In the lobby

Rooftop pool

Pool deck

For a couple of day before starting our tour we just wandered this area going to Kennedy Park, Indian Market (Indigenous….. with tons of crafts), a drive down to the “Love Park” on the board walk overlooking the ocean. Marilyn and I walked down the side of the hill and back up! (Training for Machu Picchu).

When I added pictures the notes were getting mixed up so I quite…sorry!

At the Love Park

Along the “boardwalk”

Steep backs covered in purple morning glory

The pier on the Oceanside… destination!

Entrance/exit off shore drive and Miraflores… cobblestones!

Made it…. Marilyn at the entrance to pier bu we found it was a private restaurant with no admittance to just go to the end of the pier. !

Mural on the side of a building…. not many here!

Seen on a building

A lovely tree lined park between two lanes of traffic

Jeanette modelling a headdress

The four of us shopping in the “Indian Market” with a llama

Love lockets reminiscent of the “Walk of Love” in Cinque Terra

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