Iquique and just added…..paragliding off the cliffs….March 13/19

I had a whole lot written but I did something and it all disappeared ….. grrrrr! So this is all I have. We went for a walk around the central square where there is an old theatre, a fountain and local crafts for sale. It is all quite nice. We also went a checked out “Zofrei”…….their supposed “duty free shopping mall”. I wouldn’t recommend it. It was just a very huge mall… yucky!

So this what we heard from our guys that drove us up to Alto Hospicio where we took flight….500 metres above sea level…. spectacular views and ride but what a dilapidated town.

In 2014 they had really strong earthquake. (Everywhere in Chile they’ve had extremely strong earthquakes but seem to survive).

One month ago they had the first rain in 70 years…13 mm in 2 hours.

Going to fly over “cerro dragon”…. protected because it is symbol of Iquique… 5 kilometres long from head to tail.

Comancha beach for swimming… because it is in an area that is protected from the Pacific.

What a wonderful day Marilyn and I had paragliding in Iquigue. Sorry pictures aren’t in any specific order but they are from the flight down. I have more pictures and video but can’t send now.

Marilyn and I all suited up before our run and jump off the cliffs

We landed on the beach in front of those buildings

Marvellous highways

Landing on the beach.

Flying over the “dragon”. Poor picture but …

George, the pilot and yours truly !


5 thoughts on “Iquique and just added…..paragliding off the cliffs….March 13/19

  1. Rae

    You are becoming quite a dare devil my girl, looks like great fun. The sky scrapers are quite high compared to the little shacks that surround the buildings. They also like color. Good for them. Do you know if they have trouble getting paint and colors . Hugs



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