Valparaiso -March 10/19

In 1985, the port of San Antonio (where we docked) 90% was destroyed by earthquake. It is the biggest commercial port in Chile.

Santiagio has most of pop of Chile at 7.2 M. It is inland….. news to me. I did not go there but to Valparaíso. It was established in 1541…has unique architecture. The weather is like San Francisco. The expected high will be about 17C with 1M pop.

(Our lecturer said to be very careful of pickpockets… wear no jewelry… keep stuff close to you).

It’s the law to wear seatbelts on buses in Chile but this was 1st time it’s been mentioned.

Valparaiso has 43-45 hills.

The reason the ships stopped coming into Valparaiso is that the owner of the concession of port of Valparaiso is not interested in working with cruise ships…. maybe he charges too much. He also didn’t treat the workers. There were lots of strikes disrupting the port ….because of the way he treated them.

The first part of our trip to Valparaíso, the road is very good but very windy. On the main highway….. excellent 4 lanes, straight and divided.

Interesting story…. the ancient natives that lived on coast (Changos), killed sea lions, gutted them, put sticks inside and sewed the up… allowing them to dry. They then created rafts from these “balloons” …. to fish from.

Between every 4-8 years the farmed pines and eucalyptus are cut down for making paper.

All of South America gained independence from Spain within one decade …1810-20…. did not realize that.

Casablanca Valley…. one of the top 10 white wine producing regions of the world. …. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Castile du Diablo …. biggest producer of red….. mostly Cab Sauvignon.

Carmanere is their battle horse…produce 90% of world supply. Cholhagua valley (DO)

There used to be 100 ship per day in Valparaiso but went down to 5/day after the opening of Panama Canal.

City is an amphitheatre. Higher your home is the least desirable. 60% of inhabitants do not own cars because there is no where to park. The streets and alleys are so narrow and steep. Every alley or set of stairs has a name…. for mail delivery. It’s like a maze. Some house do not have any visible means to access them.

In many ways this city reminds me of the fevalas of Rio. Very cool!

We first went on funicular built in 1892. Then off to deliciously lunch of 2 wine, salad and main entree of


Because of climate change lots of jellyfish in the local seas. .

Vina Del Mar … next door, is where Cristian our guide lives. It’s a “planned” city unlike Valparaiso.

First stop was a street called the 21st of May.

For 400 years it never rained one drop. Valparaiso means scorched earth……..even before Spanish were here.

More people die from tsunamis than earthquakes.

“Dogs rule the streets, cats the roofs so watch where you step. It might be soft and gushy”.

Below is some of the many graffiti/murals in Valparaiso, of which there is a profusion. More pictures to follow.

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