Puerto Chacabuco..March 7/19

This port area has very little except the docks but the fiords in and around are just gorgeous.

There are 15 “districts”. This is 11th.

Lots of Germans came here for logging. Only one person per sq. kilometre

Lake Riesco…..

The first hatchery is for research not commercial.

16 today but will go to 28 in next couple of days

3000-4000 mm rain/yr….. flooded last couple days. People couldn’t come out of their homes. Inland it drops to 600mm.

A bird called a Chucao is a hopper & a beautiful singer.

Lots of Gunnera growing..called “Nalca” here. They eat the stalk.. like rhubarb. They also make drink like pisco sour with it.

Califate bush…. purple fruit ….yellow flower… if you eat it it is said you will come back.

Arrayan tree…”Luma apiculata” most common… trunk looks arbutus… consumes lots of water so it’s colder to touch.

Wet wet bird….

Quilla looks like bamboo “colihue”… not hollow. Every 15 years blooms… bring many mice.

Final destination on our walk was a spectacular waterfall call the”Old Man’s Beard” but in Spanish.

White flowers… luma plant.

Quienhco… gathering of friends… bbq, drinks. Had a lamb bbq-4 hours cooking….. fire pit in the middle.

I am not having much success downloading pictures. I will try later.

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