Punta Arenas… March 4/19

Jeanette and Marilyn went kayaking (I didn’t want to go for any unscheduled dips in the ocean seeing as it was a little windy. That was my excuse) so Linda and I just walked around the city. It is really quite a large city but in my opinion, has no redeeming qualities. The only thing that is quite nice is the park in the downtown area that has a fabulous statue of Magellan and some crew. One of the crew has very shiny toes from everyone rubbing it (if you do you will return to Punta Arenas). Also…. we went to the “cemetario”. Wow…. lots of lovely mausoleums!

Welcome to Punta Arenas and the straits of Magellan

Rusted steel sheeting on a building

Statue of Magellan

Rubbing the toes

Later in the evening us 4 gals and 2 couples from California Margaret and Charlie and Don and Kathrine met for dinner in Tuscan Steak in celebration of my birthday. We had champagne (thank you M&C), saw a great show in the lounge and later when returning to our room, found a card from Oceania, 5 balloons and a towel “dog” with 2 chocolate eyes. Nice!

Me & Charlie… my b’day cake

Margaret and me

Don and Katherine

My pooch with the chocolate eyes

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