Isla Hornos or Cape Horn… March 3/19… just after 7 am.

We are at 55 minutes south in the “Southern Ocean” on relatively calm day unlike the first time our lecturer was here……18 metre or 60 foot seas…..OMG… I can’t imagine that!

Ocean is 100 metres deep below us.

La Boreal and Zaandam, 2 other ships are here besides us. The sun rise was gorgeous but the Isla Hornos was shrouded in cloud. Apparently there is a sculpture (which we could not see) made of 2 pieces but together look like an albatross. BTW they are quite huge…. too hard to get a picture of.

It was about 9C but the wind came up out of nowhere and so did the swells. The captain didn’t want the ship hanging around cuz there was a “low” coming our way so he got us on our way.

Cloud shrouded Isla Hornos

Sunrise at the Cape

Our location at the bottom of the world

At Cape Horn

Friend Margaret …. Cape Horn

Albatross sculpture at Cape Horn

Zaandam near the Cape “Isla”

Sunset the night before in the Beagle Channel

2 thoughts on “Isla Hornos or Cape Horn… March 3/19… just after 7 am.

  1. ywglenda

    Almost unimaginable, but there you are! What a relief that the seas were calm! Now, I’m off to read more of your blogs and enjoy your wonderful photos. Please say hi to Linda for us! Take care …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      I’m so glad to know you are enjoying our travels. I hear you are keeping warm… probably warmer than us right now….lol! Will give Linda your regards!🤗



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