Friday February 15/19

Friends from home Roy and Debra, showed us a very, very hard-to-find waterfall …..Catarata Llanos Del Cortez. The turn off was off the highway south of Liberia where there was a cell tower and the “3rd” pedestrian overpass with a ……lol! It was a beautiful refreshing spot. So we all went for a swim/dip. Awesome! While in there we had the little fishes (3 inches?) “biting” our legs……much like the fish spa from the day before only more so. Deb, Roy and I climbed up to the top of the waterfall….. a totally different perspective. On the way, there was a cenote that Roy did a Tarzan dive into….”John Wisemueller eat your heart out”. We saw face-faced capuchins and howler monkeys. One howler had a baby on its back. They are so cool! I just love the howling they do…think it would be neat to have that as my ringtone on my phone. Sorry about the quality of pictures but I only had my phone.

2 thoughts on “Friday February 15/19

  1. lizinvictoria

    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures Gail! I was in Costa Rica 15 years ago and you have brought back some great memories. Liz

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