10-February 4/19…in Sarapiqui

We woke up to be serenaded by the jungle inhabitants particularly howler monkeys. Those monkeys sound like a pack of dogs howling….very loudly.

In the morning we left the lodge at 6 in the morning in search of bird life. It was an uphill struggle especially with the humidity as high as it is. Oh my god, my face and body were sweating profusely! There were a number of birds…… toucans, tanagers and hummers. There was even a wild turkey….not exactly close up though. But then ….my new camera’s battery “exhausted” after only about 20 minutes into the hike. I’m not impressed with this camera. Needless to say I didn’t get many close up pictures of birds.

Later in the morning after breakfast, we went for another hike…this time to a watering hole on the river. Again it was extremely hot and humid but it was so so worth it to be able to swim in fresh coolish water…..yes!!! But then….we had to walk back.

Later we had a lesson on making “epanadas”. Tonight we will have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

Daniel at the swimming hole….Sarapiqui

A local “home” …Sarapiqui

Daniel ….the fire builder….at the rustic cabin in the woods…Sarapiqui


River in Sarapiqui

Monkey ladder vine

11-Feb 5/19

Monkey ladder vine

Crops….black pepper, draecena for export, ornamental corn plants for fencing

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