Journey to San Jose- January 24/2019.

You all know the there is air pressure when on a flight, right? On first leg of our journey I had my metal water bottle with me in my backpack. I had refilled it after clearing security. While on the flight I decided to take a sip. Well…… the damn thing sprayed water like a geyser all over my face, hair, the top I was wearing & the seat I was sitting in. It looked like I had an accident …! Well I did in a way. I told the couple I was sitting with on the next leg what had happened on the first only to have it happen AGAIN! They said they had never seen that before and neither had I. Let this be a warning not to take any water in sealed containers on board a flight and make sure to have all containers of liquids in sealed plastic.

We arrived late to the airport (10pm) but Jeanette was there waiting (she had arrived around 2:39) along with the GAdventures transfers guide. The drive in from airport to the hotel was very long, arriving at to our hotel ….. finally around midnight. It was a long day!

January 25/19.

Not too exciting day…. slept in, rearranged suitcases and went for a short walk. It’s a kind of scuzzy area we are in but as we walked farther afield, it got better. We found a lovely little park maintained by the Rotary Club. I have to mention too that there are quite a number of murals on the buildings….. beautiful! Pictures to follow….I hope!

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