Dec. 24th

Off to the point…. Cape of Good Hope. Beautiful, beautiful drive along Clifton(rich, rich area), Green Point & Hout Bay… which means “wood” bay. The Dutch cut down all the Outeniqua trees at Hout Bay. It is now a big fishing port, Nice beach too.

Chapman’s Point road (road to Cape Point)started to be built by Italian prisoners during WW2 … finished in 2004.

Oh, my, oh my!!!! What a drive….. and you may think Amalfi coast is scary???? You should see this one!!! Spectacular!!! The road is literally cut into the mountainside.

Simon’s Town is protected from winds so first British now ZA navy here. Second harbour built after Cape Town.

At Boulders ….part of Simon’s Town, we stop to see African Penguins…. oh so cute….. little about 40-45 cms. 2 breeding pairs left in 1982… now over 3000.

Now moulting and some laying on eggs. March-April…back in water after growing back their fur/feathers. Their cycle of breeding has changed seasons.

Cape Point …. extreme line-up to get into it. Zebras, if we see them are different than others we’ve seen. The ones her their stripes do not go all the way under the belly. We see fynbos…. white shrubs and king protea…. different as well.

Posts at the point erected by Vasco de Gama and another by Bartholomew Diaz… both Portuguese…. before the Dutch got here.

Everyone except J and I walked up to the lighthouse at the Cape…. and everyone except Martina, Katrin and the two of us walked down to the Cape. Glad we didn’t. Very treaturous steep hike down.

It is not the southern most point on the African continent but the southwestern most ….where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet.

Past Fishoek on our return to Cape Town…… West Town Lake at Strand… fresh water lake…. upper class community….. very nice!

Passed by the prison where Mandela spent the last 7 of years in prison…. not much to see other than razor wired fences….not much different than a lot of the places in this country, particularly this city.

Dinner Marco’s African Restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner some ordered carpaccio of springbok, Crocodile,& ostrich. Others had springbok as a main, Serengeti plate with Crocodile & ostrich and/or kudu. I had roasted lamb and munucho(they click their tongues when saying it)….. African dish made with beans and maize. Lots of wine being drunk.

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