Dec. 14/17

Happy birthday to my first born grandson Jaxon with all my love best wishes always.

Breaky at 6:30… leave beautiful permanent tented resort about 7:25 to go on game drive at Hluhluwe where we’ll see lots of rhinos….


Just inside the park we see 4 Warthogs together, then soon

“wide mouth” miss-named as white rhino ……wide mouth for grazing. …. sole rhino got closer & closer then had a mud bath in front of us totally unconcerned. Mud acts as a free sun screen but mostly when mud dries and drops off it takes the ticks with it.

6-8 zebras grazing with impalas.

Big herd of water buffalo

18 rhinos …. all white so far

Nyala antelopes that I cant seem to be able to get a picture of.

Sole buffalo, a giraffe.

Bung beetles…. 2… happy couple… seed in middle to hatch…. over 1500 varieties

Trumpet hornbill….very cool beak.

Sickle Bush with pendulum pink and yellow flower.

White round balls hanging in trees are nest of white frogs that when hatched drop into the water.

Whole family of nyala at lunch place in the park…..also family of vervet monkey that stole watermelon and kept trying to steel the rest of the time we were there. Baboons shortly after leaving.

70-100 water buffalo in one herd.

Zebenzilee…. name of the Zulu guide …. very nice lady….. wanted to be a teacher but something happened (didn’t catch what) so now she is a tour guide.

We visited a family of Nomporno village… all buildings care painted pink.

Special greeting whenever meet…. enquire as to health of whole family ……ancestors too.

Center of kitchen has fireplace … says smoke is no problem unless raining. This family have 17 in it ….neighbour has 28.

Lunch and dinner is cooked…. (everyone eats together or just outside)Maize or polenta and vegetables,

All girls share cooking and washing etc. Old people (women) don’t have to cook anymore after girls 15-16 age.

Married women must wear long skirts, no short shirt, covered hair.

Man can have multiple wives but he must give 11 cows dowery for each wife. It’s not necessary to pay all at once though. Girl give quilts to family of groom including ancestors.

2-3 or 4 per bedroom but old or ancestors get one bedroom

From the age of 10, girls learn to carry 25 litres of water on their heads. Women get more food to eat than men because they do all the work.

Everyone wears school uniform….go to school from 5-18 age.

Girls like to take wash to river. It’s a place collect firewood and meet the boys.

Ancestors hut’s…. bones above door, goat gallbladder, spear…. where communicate with spiritual ancestors to discuss problems. “Imbaypo” plant that is burnt … used to awaken forefathers. Wedding, 21 bday, death of fathers, etc special occasions, they slaughter goat and cow. When leaving ancestors hut the men leave first to protect the women (not as someone suggested… food for the lions….lol).

Very special for a girl that has reached 21 a virgin….it takes a whole village to raise a child not just the parents.

Homemade beer used in ceremonies. 10,000 people in this village learn English and Zulu language. 10.2 million people in province…40% are Zulus

Back at our tents got something to drink… had chat with Noni and Caesar ( manager). So nice!!!Noni and another ladies do cooking, making up the tents and if you put out your laundry, they will wash…. for whatever you want to give them.

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