Dec. 11/17

The morning started early. Up before 5, breaky at 5:30 & on the road by 6. Before we left someone spotted baboons near one of the cabins. We watched a whole bunch …. maybe 6-8 file in the open door of the unit. Another guy that was outside yelled at them ( there were more outside) and waved his arms. Well what a hullabaloo happened as all of the baboons ran out shrieking as they were fleeing. A few moments later a man appeared at his open door in his underwear. Not sure if he had been in the bathroom or in bed but whatever….. I think he got quite the shock. Too funny but could have had dire consequences.

White spoor is hyena poop…someone referred it as skeleton shit.

Female hyenas are alpha. Female is bigger than male. Will kill another female to have dominance. Male is submissive to female. Hyenas are only afraid of male lion.

Scented thorn acacia only giraffes eat it cuz it is poisonous…. and thorny … had wild cucumbers…. a vine climbing in it.

Water…at river saw kingfisher, African jacanas (male was very frisky but was not being accepted), squacco heron. Warthog males have 2 sets of horns… 3 males together…. another bachelor party.

Saw a huge troup of baboons. Damboti Tree that giraffes eating is extremely poisonous to humans

A huge lone bull elephant just about charged us. Very dangerous when dripping secretion from back pouch (shroud)……(it stinks) plus on side of face …. also when ears out is a warning.

Black belled Korkaan seen on top of termite hills…. eat the termites.

Kruger Park became national park in 1890’s…..used to be called Sabie Game Park.

Waterbucks (we’ve only seen females) don’t get eaten by lions or alligators because they have a unpleasant taste.

Turpin is fresh water turtle, the ones in sea water are turtles, tortoise are land turtles (only one that can totally bring heads inside shells).

Saw a dead impala hanging in a tree, half eaten. A leopard kill….. usual routine…. up a tree where lions and hyenas can’t climb. He’ll probably be back later.

There are only about 1000 lions now in Kruger ….Lions had been decreasing in Kruger but now increasing slowly. They kill each off because of hierarchy as well as they die due to killing and eating of water buffalo that carry tuberculoses.

Wildebeests, 1 honey badger, genets, kudus, several hyenas, 1 giraffe, owl, white rhinos

1 thought on “Dec. 11/17

  1. Rae

    Wow Gail , I can’t believe all the things you have done and seen. The rest of us only can imagine. That’s wonderful. Can hardly wait to see the pictures. Nice to know in one batch of animals that the female is in charge. Hahaha. Plus I like the comment of the males leave first in case there is something out there to eat them first. Hahaha. Keep safe. Maybe not dry but safe. Big hugs. Merry Christmas.



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