Zanzibar Zanzibar-Nov. 26/17

This place looked a lot better than Mombasa right from the get-go. It was a quite a picture as we were having breakfast on the Terrace Cafe, of the mist hanging atop the trees with the dhows in the bay but of course this one time I didn’t have my phone to get a picture.

Our excursion this day was to go to Prison Island.

Amour is our guide. When we drove through Stone Town he asked us why it was famous and why we thought it was called that. “It’s was cause the buildings are made from stone instead of coral”. Really!!!

There is a big Arab influence here because Oman had colonized it up until 1964.

There are 3 reasons the women of Tanzania wear the burka ….. for strict religious reasons, to hide their identity in places where someone may recognize them & for fashion.

Something was mentioned about a hotel or area owned by Aga Khan.

The area where we caught the dhow used to take us snorkelling, has lovely hotels… at least from the outside and beautiful whites sandy beaches… like sugar mixed with butter.

Othman Ramadhan … a nice young man of 20 I met on the dhow. He was one of 3 that came into the water and kept corralling us in the water and making sure we didn’t drown. They were all very good. The coral here was alive (as opposed to in the Seychelles), beautiful colours and shapes but not nearly the number of fish.

At Prison Island, they used to imprison unruly prisoners not slaves although the prison was built original to house the slaves but slavery was abolished before it was completed. Then the prison was used as a quarantine station for people suffering from cholera, yellow fever & smallpox.

Now it has a resort as well as a restaurant for non resort guests. There are also now 500 turtles/tortoises Alhambra turtles here… originally from Seychelles. They are fresh water turtles. The oldest being 192 years. The females have short tails… the males have longer tails.

This stop was really quite lovely. I wouldn’t mind coming back another time. It was clean and quite well taken care of. Different…… mostly Muslim it seems. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

As we were leaving Zanzibar, the captain informed us that we have 1469 knotical miles to go to get to Maputo….. a long way. Because we are not stoping in Madagascar (because of the “Plague”), we will be at sea for 4 days….. dodling along.

We were sailing out of Zanzibar for about an hour when there was a loud speaker announcement calling “Code Mike” to the pool deck. Less than another hour later we had turned around and were heading back to Zanzibar because of a medical emergency. I hope whoever it was makes it….. unlike the guy in the Seychelles.

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