Somewhere between the Seychelles and Kenya.. Nov. 24/17

I found a hand written note from a few days ago…. notes taken from a lecture previous to arriving in the Seychelles. 
The Seychelles is a nation of 115 islands with a population of only 90,000 most of which are on the island of Mahe.. … the largest. 

El Nina from a few years ago,has affected the health of the coral reefs in the islands. I can attest to their health. So much of the reefs have died. What a shame!

The Seychelles apparently, are referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean.  

93% of the islanders are Catholic. So different than the Maldives that are predominantly Muslim. Although you should be modestly clothed everywhere we have been, I didn’t feel that we “watched” like when in the Maldives. According to some “body”, the women of the Seychelles get 6th place ranking in the world. Pretty darn good if you ask me 

If you see “rursettes”(not sure of the spelling) on the menu,it is fruit bars. Yuck! I’ll pass. We did see very large ones of them flying around so I wouldn’t say they are harvesting them to extinction. 

The Coco de Mer palm that Jeanette saw, live between 290-400 years. Maybe that is why they have the worlds largest nuts. The male palm has what looks like a penis and the female counterpart looks like the human female anatomy. Hmmmmm….

In the islands (i was hoping to see them but alas did not) they have rock formations that are called “champions”…. I think. They are flat topped with vegetation. The seas erode the bottoms until they collapse. Would have loved to have seen them. Not enough time. 

The Seychelles are 1000 miles from the coast of Africa, have almost no unemployment, have to import 90% of their food and have the highest GDP of any nation in Africa. 

Last night the decks on level five were “closed for security reasons”. Probably the upper decks were closed too. The lights outside our stateroom were off, others were told to not have the lights on their balconies on & there was no “communication” according to my “Marine Traffic” app so as to not show where we were located. Do you think there was a possibility of pirates in the area??? Thankfully there were no issues. Interesting though!
Tonight we have another Captain’s cocktail party for previous guests of Oceania. Free drinks again! We have a new captain on board so we’ll have an opportunity to meet him. He is much “drier” than the last. 
Nothing much else is happening today besides needlepoint get-together and the guest lecturer (who is quite fabulous), cuz we are still at sea. Oh and don’t forget the eating. I’m sure I will have gained all I had lost. 
I forgot to mention that during our first day in the Seychelles while snorkelling, one of the guests on our excursion, suffered a heart attack and died.  
The last couple of days the air temperature and sea temperature have both been 28C. The air though has been laden with humidity….. a bit uncomfortable. I have been hiding out in the shade enjoying the breeze on the shady side of deck 5 cuz I think I over did it with the heat that last day in Praslin. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be able to handle the temperature on my excursion while in Kenya. 

1 thought on “Somewhere between the Seychelles and Kenya.. Nov. 24/17

  1. Rae

    Hi there Gail, I wasn’t quite sure what you were talking about with reference to the flying fruit bars? Istarted to laugh and then re read it again ,I am still chuckling. Sorry to hear about the person who died . Did they explain about anything that they are doing to bring the coral reef back. That is a shame to loose that. Have fun ,hugs



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