November 2, 2017..journey to the Middle East, India and Africa

Jeanette and I left Victoria this morning …a half hour late.  It seems the system that controls all the flight paths (I’m not sure if it was for just Air Canada or all airlines in Canada), had a malfunction…… all flights were delayed.  I am glad that we didn’t have a later flight or maybe we would not have made our connections in Vancouver and later in Toronto.   All turned out good!  

While on the flight between Toronto and Dubai, a man fell in the washroom. Our seats were next to the toilets so when he fell, the wall he must have fallen against, slammed against our seats.  It was sometime before a doctor presented himself.  In the meantime I was thinking …..OMG I hope we don’t have to divert this plane.  As it turned out,….not too seriously….his blood pressure fell too low.

Arrived in Dubai so pooped….this leg a 12.5 hour flight.  I must say that being slightly crippled help us out.  Me with my bumb left leg that as yet hasn’t needed a replacement and Jeanette who cracked her pelvis about two months ago in a fall.  We had wheelchairs greet us in Toronto and Dubai.   Because of that we didn’t have to hike for miles, ride for miles and miles on a train and then hike for more miles to get to immigration and passport control (that they just let us through without so much as one question), hiked some more miles to baggage claim and so on and so forth.  This the way to Travel!  I’ll send pictures!  Jeanette though we maybe should have had our “facinators” on for the photo shoot!

Haven’t seen a lot cuz be arrived in the city after dark.  More tomorrow……..

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