Palma de Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands……Oct. 15/16

A huge gothic style cathedral with the largest “Rose” window in Europe… Metres. in Palma.

2700 windmills on island of Majorca or Mallorca…. 2000 water, 700 grain.  Flat base is for water, conical for grain 

Extremely busy airport ….3rd largest in Spain …….planes landing and leave every single minute.

Control on mountain ……controls the  airspace from North Africa to south of France.

8 kilo of olives to produce 1 litre of olive oil.

Ca’n means house of is language particular to Mallorca instead of Casa as in Spanish.  There are no apostrophes in Spanish language.

Grow almonds and grapes too.  Almonds bloom in January and February.  Crazy weather here like the rest of the world is affecting most crops and esp almonds.  Not enough water especially, like California where they were importing almonds from. Probably will affect the price.

Most towns are built on hills as in Italy and Greece but our guide mentioned that the church is on the highest point and that they are built as a fortresses for the protection to women and children in case of outside aggression.

An amusing story our guide told us after pointing out a monastery sitting high on a solo hill was that a monk or priest asked if she knew why the church built on such a high spot?  To be closer to God?  To be in peaceful place in which to pray and meditate.  Well he says……no, we haven’t been telling the truth, that is what we all say is the reasons.  But really it is because the monks have been making wines and other alcohols for years but the ruling Romans or whoever wanted to tax the product.  So by being high up, they could see for miles and miles  the armies coming in lots a time.  Before the armies got there, there was no alcohols to be found.

Callas mean coves.  We travelled to the Caves of Drach (dragon). Many caves on the island but only 5 open to public.  This is the biggest.  It has the largest underground lake  (Martel) is 177×33 metres.  It is 118 steps to the lowest point inside the caves with more steps coming up.  

This cave with all the stalactites (the ones coming down from roof) and stalagmites ( the ones coming up from the floor), is massive…spectacular, the best cave I have ever seen.  Once at the bottom, we sat down to listen to about 5-6 musicians playing chamber music……on a boat being oared around.  The acoustics of this space made it sound as if it was a full orchestra playing.  Amazing! 

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