Hong Kong 

Yesterday and today we are in Hong Kong. Oh my!!! Incredibly huge …..endless skyscrapers. Took a hop-on bus. Didn’t have time for all the lines but did a sampan ride of the harbour at Aberdeen. That was cool. Also saw there, the worlds largest floating restaurant. Wow! And took the funicular train to the Peak over looking all of Hong Kong. View …….spectacular, train well….glad it had good brakes going down.  St. John’s cathedral… Oldest cathedral in the Far East. 
27,000 police force made up of Chinese, Indian and Europeans.                                                                                                      –International finance centre first (used to be the highest) building to see on HK isl. built on reclaimed land.                                  Then the domed building built in 1912 ….used to be Supreme Court.                                                                                                   Stanley… Beautiful sandy beach, went to the Stanley Market…good, nice smaller town.                                                                          Very windy narrow road tell you to keep seated and arms inside bus…. Good thing……branches will hit you or vehicles passing by. Kowloon is home to 2.1 million now.                                                                                                                                                                       30 minutes from HK is apartment building near Aberdeen that as bought for …5.5 billion.  Building costs in the area are  20,000 HK$. /sq ft. There are 5.8 CAD for HK$= approx CAD3450/sq. ft.     No sales tax here.                                                                                  Hiking trails and beaches near Repulse Bay. …..more if a country atmosphere here.  You would like it.                                              Went “sailing”on Sampan in Aberdeen …. Interesting and dropped some people off at worlds largest floating restaurant. Lovely to look at on outside but apparently very expensive. One fellow had an abalone steak scallops and fried rice dinner … for lunch …..for $120US.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lanna island … No cars but 3 stacks of electricity plant that has supplied HK with uninterrupted power for 10 yrs.                             82.2 yr life expectancy… 2nd only to Japan                                                                                                                                                              3-4000 characters needed to read the newspaper.                                                                                                                                               Takes only 60 secs to travel to the top of the “International Commerce Centre”…. The highest building in HK.                                          Over 4000 skyscrapers …I think that was the figure…..whatever….more than double NYs 

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