Bangkok and Sihanoukville

Bangkok……We arrived late in the afternoon of February 12/16 staying at a very lovely hotel the Centra (there is another part of the name but I won’t bother mentioning It). The trek through the border between Cambodia and Thailand wasn’t bad (apparently most of the time the queues are horrendously long) but so hot, hot, hot! The perspiration ran down my face into my eyes and the side of my cheeks. Very unpleasant!

We got to the port by taxi on Feb. 13/14… only about $6…early, no problems …. Thanks Visal for arranging that. Easiest boarding I have ever experienced (maybe it was because we were a bit early). By the time we arrived in Bangkok, we are all templed out…. actually a few days back ……and fort and palaced out by the time we had left India. The only thing to see in this city within relative proximity is more of the same…. Same same but different. But because of the heat 33C. and incredible humidity we got on the ship and didn’t leave. I would have liked to have seen the floating markets but they are 100 km’s. away and the bridge over the River Kwai is an ALL day trip. It was so nice to have beef steak and salad …. in one of the specialty restaurants last night. We go to another tonight…. No charge unlike most of the other cruise lines that charge. 

Today is the 14th….Happy Valentines Day everyone. We sail away right a 4pm. It is so steamy hot….. can hardly stand it. This city is so huge. Apparently it takes 3 hours to get out to the sea. 

Heard from someone the other day that it is too expensive to live here so most live outside the city and commute(not unusual)…… but 3 hours in each direction??? 
Sihanoukville… Feb. 15/16

We arrive in port at 11 am… Later than usual but we are here until 10 pm. When coming to Cambodia you can apply for a visa on line for $25US but it is only good for land entries and they do not issue multiple entry visas. So upon arriving in Sihanoukville we had to get visas with or without getting off the ship…. And it costs $89 US. Money grab do you think? And maybe because you are entering by ship then you must be rich and therefore can pay more???  Oh well…. It’s just the cost of travel!!!  

This city was only started in the 1950’s to create a seaport but even though it is a “new” city compared to everywhere else it is a pretty ugly dirty little city but with wide boulevards…… It has beautiful beaches. Gorgeous!!! We took a tuktuk to the beach…. With a stop at a supermarket for alcohol. While on the beach I got a sort of manicure and pedicure and Gerry got a foot massage. Talk about massage. When we were in Bangkok, Gerry and I got awesome foot massages….. For about $5 ea. We all ended up with sunburns although we weren’t in the sun long. It was the first time we had been to the beach. 

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2 thoughts on “Bangkok and Sihanoukville

  1. PamelaTravelBlog

    I arrived home from India last night and now trying to catch up on stuff. GREAT to hear from you and that you are safely on board the ship!!! wish I was with you, I don’t mind the heat 🙂 Next time, my dear. Have fun and I will keep reading your blogs …. say hi and hug the girls for me

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  2. rae

    it sounds like it’s time for relaxing instead of walking. hahaha the heat or humidity sounds awful, I sweat enough, hahah amazing though, can’t wait to see it all. hugs happy belated valentines to you to



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