Heading to Seam Reap

Where we stopped for a bathroom break, it was a market. We got to see all those insects that they now consider I guess, delicacies but were the reason the population was able to survive. Dried, prepared, barbecues, roasted grubs, things that looked like june beetles but are from the water, tarantulas, frogs, egrets, baby birds…..you name it. Some of us including yours truly, had the tarantula crawl on our hands, some on their face and some ate them….not me. Of course Viesal ate them all.l
One thing I haven’t mentioned is that the area we have travelled through so far is flat….very flat. There seems to be hundreds of square miles of rice cultivation although everything we see is spent ….(all ready harvested), with cows grazing on it. They do eat beef here by the way. Also there are different kinds of cattle than in India. Most of the houses are on stilts. I’ve been told it’s for flooding during monsoons as well as for ventilation, shelter for their animals and for storing their dried crops…..rice. There are lots of palm trees (coconut) and of course banana palms. 
13,000 square kms ….Tonle Sap Lake… When dry only 3,000 sq. kms. One of largest in Asia and the world.

Harvest season for rice…they have to allow to dry….cannot allow to get wet. 
“17 April people”. ……the new people that were more or less tossed out of the cities and sent to the farms during Pol Pot regime, were the most hated.
“Who is the Killer?”

“First they killed my father” survivor stories. This one I bought. I’ll read later. Maybe on the ship. I also bought one from one of the seven adult survivors of the Sleng prison

In Seam Reap has 300 temples.

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