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The journey is to breathe and take it in, see what is and not attempt to make it anything else and then … Like clouds passing by, let it move through. Let it go.

As hard as this country and the suffering of some of the people is for our / my western heart … I am not here to change their lives. I am here as a witness to their lives and to see the country as it is. With non attachment I can witness the present and let it go.

Listening to Pema Chodron in the bus as we drive through the desert and past sand dunes, people and camels (and cows and dogs), I am enjoying the reminders to relax and enjoy the journey.  

I have learned some truths about this country and my judgements of same. Today, with several teary hugs I heard that some people judge and wonder why India lets it’s forts, palaces and structures go to disrepair … Why not fix them up to restore former glory? The answer I heard was that buildings can be built by people … If they fall down, they can be built again and again. India is not about these structures, it is about the heart and soul. Families and communities are the heart and soul of India. Ceremonies that bring families together, social activities that promote togetherness … THIS IS THE INDIA I CAME TO MEET. This is the India I found.

I did not come half way around the world to see the same same … I came to find out what is different. How can I find truth in this place? How can I experience peace and beauty in this country, so very different from my own? How can I be affected so that India goes home with me as my heart softens to its touch.

Tonight as I travelled by camel through the sand dunes to see the glorious sunset, I could feel the camel movement beneath me. I could experience the pace of the beast, and it’s gate as the flow of India. The camel stepped from the hard surface to the icing sugar texture of the deep flowy sand dune and I could again feel the softness of this earthy place. I could feel it as surely as if I was walking in my bare feet. I was so moved by the experience, the view of the other camels in silhouette of the brilliant and colourful sun set on this magnificent land and its people. Even now, hours later, I can be transported to that magical moment of softness and steady pace, THAT is India.

No anger here. No unkindness. Acceptance of what is and steady movement in pace with the breath of Mother Earth. Oh what joy in the simple letting go and letting be. Namaste.
More lessons to come 🙂


PamelaTravelBlog | February 1, 2016 at 11:28 pm | 

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