Another incredible day touring Rajisthan

by PamelaTravelBlog

Jodhpur, Blue City of Rajisthan … The sun city! What a spectacular day!

We will see the Best fortress of Asia. Mehrangarh Fort .. 15 century city was founded. Bounded by gates. And we will also see sister site, made of bright white marble … Which is actually cremation / Burial ground of the royal family of this city.  

We can see in distance the largest private palace of the world. 365 rooms, royal family of Jodhpur lives here.  

3 million population in this city. Gaj means elephant. Military base is here due to proximity of Pakistan. 

This morning I wandered around a fifteenth century white marble structure dedicated as a memorial to the royal family. It is stunning. Beautiful setting. Thank you. Jaswant Thada … Made in 1899. 

Last night a scarf orgy at the shop in the palatial hotel. Truly living the dream. 

Beautiful view of the blue painted buildings in the city from high up. Women dressed mostly in reds.  

Next? The Mehrangarh Fort! We took elevator to the terrace on top. Fabulous view of the blue city! Many buildings painted blue. I can see fortress walls from up top. I can hear chanting and music from inside and down below. Drumming. Voices. Magic music fills the air. Awesome. Flocks of birds. “Cello”… Means come with me … Follow 🙂

Heading now to the Golden city of Rajisthan… Of Jaisalmer. Staying in a palace redone as a hotel. The most beautiful so far :). Oldest city of Rajisthan in mid twelve century. Yellow sand, yellow sandstone. Honey gold. 78,000 population and a quarter of them inside the structure, citadel, Fort. Two nights In this town. Camel ride, sand dunes in sunset! Wow!  

Camels are known as the ship of desert. Single humped camel in India, Rajisthan. They can conserve up to Five litres of water in a day retained in their fat cells in humps. Long necks. They live 25-30 years. Used for transportation. To carry goods and people. They drink camel milk and make cheese from camel milk. Camels go out for grazing in groups in daytime.  

At lunch in the desert we had a lovely chat and counted our purchases. Half way through our trip … It’s “hump” day for me …. Lol ….. 469 bangles we have collectively bought. 61 silk scarves last night alone in Jodhpur. And another 62 other scarves … 123 total scarves so far for 17 women in this group. 

Back on the road, Janie and I are alternating telling a story of life in India in the desert. 

We passed camels wandering across the sand … And then real sand dunes! Wonder of wonders, awe-struck at the real thing, up close. 

Trucks going by, many passengers, with turbans … Maybe 20 men in one vehicle, riding home from work? 

Women in bright sarees and scarves riding side saddle on back of motorcycles. Sometimes children wedged between her and the driver and cows. Always present and wandering

Pilgrims, nomads and even a very simple wedding. Saying promises and vows. 

Wind mills in this rural sandy region. Animals grazing in the sparse greenery. Little thatched roof circular simple structures used as homes. Camels stretching their long necks to partake of leaves on the trees. Their unique shapes on the horizon. How exotic to see camels grazing along the drive.

We are at Jaisalmer tonight in a Fort, an actual Fort converted to hotel. The most beautiful hotel of this city.  


Today’s lesson: Honouring things completely and yet not making a big deal. 
PamelaTravelBlog | January 31, 2016 at 9:05 pm 

1 thought on “Another incredible day touring Rajisthan

  1. Rae

    wow sounds beautiful Gail, thats some lot of scarves!! hahah I hope you have enough room in your luggage, have you bought a new piece yet . sounds amazing though, and this is the first excursion I’m reading . take care, hugs



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