Rajhistan and Jaipur, India….Jan. 25/16

January 25/16Off to Rajhistan and Jaipur. It’s so foggy. You cannot see200 feet

Going to abandoned fort because of lack of water….unesco sign. 1584 abandon

80% of marriages are arranged. 1% divorce rate because use of horoscope in arrangement.

Cibi…. Indian cows….bigger hump are males.

There so many people that wear blankets over there shoulders and their heads I think mostly to keep warm. It is quite cool and they don’t have sweaters or jackets.

Cow dung patties used for cooking. Lots of brick factors Es.

75,000 Kms of rail…largest in world. All levels of service up to “palace on wheels”….5-600$US/night.

Tata …most of “road-kings”… Decorated cuz it is their home, hanging black balls, 7 chillies and piece of lemons….protect….get rid of negativity.number of days..

Ackbah home. Fatehpur Sikri.. City of victory 1570-1586 built only occupied for ten years. Then abandoned.

Ragisthan largest state as well as largest producer of wool. 350000sq. Jaipur is pink city.

Sorry about the random thoughts…..only get pieces of the info

2 thoughts on “Rajhistan and Jaipur, India….Jan. 25/16

  1. Rae

    It is so good to hear from you, Judie and I spent last week in Vancouver and were thinking about you, so you must have felt us. It all sounds very interesting, but is it suppose to stay cool? That would suck. Stay healthy and have a great time. hugs


  2. Chris Truden

    Good to hear about your travels again. All your information is so interesting! How are you amking our now that our Dollar has devalued to badly? Look for ward to hearing more. Big hugs Chris



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