Cagliari, Sardinia June 15/15.

Its raining today. Whats with that! We are supposed to be going to see the beaches, one, Poetto Beach which is 8 miles long We will be seeing those as well as other things and places. Cagliari has a 370,000 population ……..built on 7 hills.

City hall built in 1907 is a beautiful building made of limestone that was damaged during 2nd world war but it has now been restored.

We stopped at another view point mount Pinto, to take pictures all the way around.. Salt ponds where we are to see flamingos as well as old part of city. Very nice.

Beautiful purple acacia trees and bougavillia…quite a modern city, clean and well taken care of.

Salt mines were closed in 1960/70s.  Did not really get a chance to get a good look at the flamingos.  The bus did not stop…….no one was impressed.

In the north there miniature white donkeys….too far away….didn’t see them but we’re told of them.

3rd largest producer of cork after Spain and Portugal.

1324… Pisans built the fortress against Arabs…..most of these pictures are of that area.  Take note of the door that drops down….the one with the spikes.

Tower built in 1305.


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