Sunday Nov. 30/14 Wellton AZ.

Here it’s now Saturday, Nov. 30. I have not written for a few days. It’s partly because we have no internet. And that won’t be happening before Wednesday.  The other reason is that not too much is happening other than cleaning up (oh my God… The dust on everything) and organizing this unit. It is good to be here though.

It was 31 C yesterday and not  at all uncomfortably hot….. Except I did get a little burnt on the golf course yesterday. That was fun. I did surprisingly well considering that I have barely played this year. It was a “scrabble” so don’t know what my score would have been. Lou’s team won. There were 10 questions relating to American Thanksgiving. Every correct one took a stroke off the score.

The worst part of this trip has been a cold in my head and an awful cough in my chest that I acquired from the guy that sat next to me on the plane. It is just so exhausting. I sure hope that it doesn’t last much longer.

Another thing…..try adding a couple of channels to my TV at home so that my house sitters can watch the game.  I have no phone and no internet til Wednesday so am using a friend’s in the park to talk to Telus on line.  Interesting!  I am so hoping that “George” can fix it.  Somehow  the housesitters have also lost internet so I cannot communicate with them.

Tomorrow’s another day.  All will be good.  We are golfing at 7:09am.

I hope everyone is well.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Nov. 30/14 Wellton AZ.

  1. ljbedard

    Hi Gail:
    Interesting to read about your trip….maybe you’ll get used to the trains….is the “smell” still there? Say hi to John and Bud for me.
    Had snow here Saturday morning….course that was the day Jack had to drive to Courtenay to play. He made it there and back all right…no snow past Duncan apparently. Snow mostly gone here…still cold though.
    We go to Vancouver on Sunday for a couple days…fly out Tuesday for Cancun….yippee. Still have to pack…been “gathering” so hopefully it will just be loading the suitcase.
    Take care…


    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      Safe travels you guys! Will see y’all on the beach.
      Yes the smell is still here but not too frequently. Now if I could get rid of this cold. I think Lou is getting it now. They (Barry and Minnie…friends of Pat and Larry’s) are all still trying to fix the TV/satellite dish and then tomorrow the internet people will be here.
      Will say hi to the guys. John is off to the chiro today but other than that they are doing well.


  2. ljbedard

    Hi Gail…I did write a note to you here…required a password…a lot of backing and forthing and too ing a d fro ing….and in the end my note was lost. Glad to hear the trains are still running…presumably on time. What about “the smell”. We had snow here on Saturday…gone now. Anyway…off to Van on Sunday and to Cancun on Tuesday…yippee.



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