Pictures from October 31/19

Graffiti in the neighbourhood ….at the skateboard park.

Now if this is a beautiful piece of graffiti art!

Central water source!

Giant lobster on the waterfront walkway

So many hams for sale but I think they are all just salted not smoked!

Inside the meat shop…so many different kinds of sausages.

Angus beef or not, would you pay $46.25/ kilo for a bone in strip loin???

Another water source/ fountain….someone have a drink from the fountain!

Amusing display character on the balcony….there where more different ones but only posting one

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia (Barcelona Cathedral)

Sculpture at the modern art museum

Alley leading to the cathedral….cool!

Protective framework around light standard bulbs

Love this enclosed balcony!

On the “Passion” portal of the Sagrada Familia is written Jesus Nazarenes……Rex. Judaeorum

The video that I have posted above, is an example of the Catalonia protests that seemed to pop up every so often.

More pictures… October 30/19

I believe was a hospital… near the Sagrada Familia

Chimney pots of the building above

Sant Gervasi Bonanova

Monastery at Pedralbes

Maria Cristina… interesting sculpture on this square

So many people use these as means of transportation

Travelling in high heels & dress flapping in the breeze!

Cool architecture!

Woman protesting something in her all-togethers… she’s got more guts than me !!!

The cathedral on the mount 500 + metres above sea level.

That bullring has been repurposed as a shopping mall.

Entrance to Montjuic Park

Palace Nationale (parliament?) at entrance to Montjuic Park

Symbol of Olympic Games 1992 used for telecommunications

Beautiful building near the huge traffic circle at foot of Paral-lel (Street)

Christopher Columbus Monument

More Hop-On-October 30/19

Cemetery de Poblenou with Bougainville.

Ugly “art” sculptures at Olympic Village of Poblenou

Catalonia Square

Passeig de Gràcia

Passeig de Gràcia

Passeig de Gràcia

Same area as above but this is a Gaudi building

Another Gaudi building

In Dreta de l’Eixample

In same area as above

In Vila de Gràcia

Beautiful buildings… atmosphere

Wednesday, October 30/19..Hop-On Bus

Central pedestrian walk along the waterfront marina

There is another view of the beautiful French styled building under renovations

One of the offered means of transportation

As seen on a building in the Palau del Mar area

Barceloneta Park tower

Exterior framework… cool!

Olympic Park… metal sculptures indicate the beaches of that area.


Besos Water tower that took 3 years to restore

Hop on Bus ..10/30 & 31/19

Some of these notes cover the second day of the hop-on bus and so you’ll not see the corresponding picture.

Wall on Paral-lel (street) is boundary of city built in 13th century

There are 7 beaches 5or 9kms long (depending on which line you’re on)… all area cleaned up in Poblenou area. Some are for wheel chair users

Besos water tower .. red brick tower took 3 yrs to restore.

Bullet-shaped building is Agbar tower

11,000 people live in housing of Olympic village built in 1992, was the start of change in the prosperity and urbanization infrastructure.

Barca stadium capacity is 100,000…. largest in Europe.

Summit ahead as we boarded the red line again,houses a cathedral … is 500.+ meters high.

Casa Batllo house by Gaudi next stop is one with blue porcelain tiles

Casa on right La Pedrera…also translate to pile of stones.

Pedestrian walkways in the middle of street also have trains underneath.

Former bull ring now a shopping centre.

Greater Barcelona has over 3 million inhabitants. The Palace Nationale was built in 1929. Mountjuic named because in time past, was home to Jewish cemetery and so named “Mount of Jews” …. has the largest cemetery of the area.

Maritime museum originally was the shipyards

Giant lobster in walkway.

Palau del Mar is old port warehouse ….now outside cafes specializing in 🦞 and other seafood.

1929 tradefair columns built … at entrance to Montjuic Park.

Telecommunications tower on side of Montjuic near Olympic stadium is the white modernist sculpture built for the 1992 Olympics.

We’ve had a couple of 16,000 plus step days…. oh my God!!! Even the other days have been right up there. We are certainly getting our excercise.

Tuesday, October 29/19…. more pics

Windstar cruise ship, as seen from aerial tram across the port (I’d like to do one someday)

Does this not look like it would be a good way to sail???

Transfer tower…. just a bit rickety!

This ship … on dry land in Barcelona…… I think Linda, etc and I saw in Ft Lauderdale. The bow is unusual…. very distinct!

Different view of that hotel by one of the beaches

Beautiful balconies filled with geraniums… along the port!

More pictures Tuesday..Montjuic and aerial tram etc

Entrance into Castell on Montjuic

I love the colours of these morning glories

Ron …on top of Castell

The Sagrada Familia as seen from Montjuic Castell…. how it towers above anything else!!!

Beautiful magpie!

Ron and me riding the tram down from Montjuic Castell

I have no idea what kind of trees these are but they certainly look like they are diseased (which I don’t think they are).

What are these beautiful flowers???