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Pictures I didn’t seem to be able to post from day before…day 3

Day 4-Nov 18/22-Halls Gap

Oops forgot to add my steps….18,026 steps on the 16th & 10,387 on the 17th.

We awoke to cockatoos tapping on our window. There are many…. Maybe 8-10. There are Roos wandering around, and deer and a couple of emus. A herd of kangaroos is called a mob!!!

We originally were to go to Mackenzie Falls but it was closed due to flooding as was the “Grand Canyon” and so we climbed to the Pinnacle in Grampian Nat’l Park. OMG I am so sore and tired. It was 2+ km up and 2+kms down and a 800 metre increase in elevation. Absolutely beautiful…. Crazy rock formations. I understand the mountains are volcanic with sandstone thrown in. This place is on the other side of where were the night before.

Then we drove into this beautiful, spotless, old town of Stawell for lunch. After lunch to a winery …..“Bests”. Then to Lake Fyans. Unfortunately again, the road to where we were to go was closed due to flooding but we did stop at another place. This lake has been flooded since the early part of 1900’s. The dead trees are still standing in the middle. We did see a couple of black swans with 3 chicks.

Then back to the motel and dinner. After we witnessed a couple of male kangaroos fighting. Talk about kung fu fighting!!! I’ll have to try separately, the video of the kangaroos fighting. If I am unable to you’ll have to ask to see it once I am home.

Kung Fu fighting Roos
This is the video of the frogs from Bordertown

11,635 steps

Day 5-Nov19/22…destination heading to Port Campbell

Guess what…. It’s raining!!!

We stopped at “London Bridge”….wow!

Then the “Grotto”

Our final scenery stop was the “12 Apostles” of which there are only 7 left. The rest have eroded away due to wind and waves.

Oh my…… did we get rain….. torrential…… worse than I have ever seen.

The shower in the English gals room was spewing out of the drain rather than drain out. They decided to stay in that room with soggy carpets so for their inconvenience they were given a case of wine.

Steps today 10,619.

Day 3-Nov 17/22-heading to Halls Gap

First stop (after 2 hours)Coonalpyn where there are grain silos that have beautiful murals of children painted on the sides. As well, the walk under the railroad tracks have individual pictures I would say were painted predominately by children.

Next stop (1 hr. more)called “Bordertown, SA… at a bakery where all purchased delicious individual pot pies. The rest area there was some really weird sounds coming from the water iris’. Someone described the sound as similar to someone plunking a banjo……badly! Apparently they are frogs.

Next stop…..Pink Lake. It isn’t very pink for us because they have had so much rain that it is flooded, diluting the waters. The pink is caused by algae excreting a dye….. only done went the salt content is sufficient.

Got to Halls Gap in Grampian National Park, dropped our bags and went for a beautiful hike to Venus Baths.

I am not sure how these pictures are going to show and cannot seem to add comments. I will attempt to send more pictures of Thant hike. Wifi isn’t great!!!

Pictures at Cleland Wildlife Park

Day 2-Adelaide…Nov. 16/22

It’s a free day so we joined Lyna and Brianna, got a bus pass and went to visit the Adelaide Gaol…. No longer in service. 1841 to late 1980’s…. Housed approx. 300,000 prisoners over the years. It was also where they held executions….by hanging. 44 men and 1 female.

On the way back we stopped at the Rundle Market, a pedestrian market with higher end shops as well as K-Mart, giant metal balls stacked, 4 brass pigs and huge pigeon.

After returning to hotel, Lyna, Brianna and I (Jeanette stayed behind), we took an Uber to Cleland National park that has a wildlife park. Amazing!!! We fed (and watched as others were fed) and petted Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, bandicoots, emus, Tasmanian devils, dingos and wallabies as well as many types of birds. Pictures to follow…. Too many!

The Best of Australia & New Zealand-Nov. 15-Dec. 22/22

The flight was terribly long (left Nov. 12/22 at 6pm+ and arrived Nov. 14 at 3:30pm…. actually is ONLY 25-26 hours) but I was able to sleep in bits and pieces. I would recommend “premium economy” cuz your chair is much bigger and it reclines. I cannot criticize Air Canada…..we were well fed (even had real eating utensils….when was the last time you had that on a plane), drinks, blankets, little pack with toothbrush etc. in it.

So far we are disappointed…..disappointed in the weather (it’s been windy, rainy…pants and jacket weather) and disappointed that the excursion that we all were hoping to take today and was suggested as an optional tour by the tour company, is not available….they didn’t get theirs shit together cuz Australia has just recently re-opened. We (probably 10 of the 13 people on the tour) all wanted to go to Kangaroo Island… see the kangaroos and koalas. Lets see how the day goes. A couple of gals from Ottawa and Port Elgin have something planned.

This trip was costly to begin with but by the time we buy all the meals that are not covered, I could be in the “poor house”. The exchange is good for us but the price of everything is way higher than at home….don’t anyone complain! No tipping though & the taxes are incl. in the prices!

The first day of tour…in Adelaide-Nov15/22

Adelaide has a trolley that is free within the downtown area so we hopped it and went to the Central Market. It is a huge market that has predominately foods, including kangaroo meat. Jeanette also got a massage there that she is still talking about. After wandering there for a while, we hopped the trolley to the end of the “free line”, then back to hotel.

Later we checked out the Himeji Garden…. Small but oh so beautiful. Across from our hotel as well as circling the entire downtown area is a huge park. We saw some beautiful birds including lots of Australian magpies and Eastern rosella. The park is used for grammar school Phys. Ed including broad jump. All kids were wearing uniforms.

We didn’t meet the CEO (chief experience officer, Luigi) and the rest of the group (there are 13 of us) until 6pm. There are 6 from Canada, 2 from UK, 4 from Germany & 1 from Switzerland…. Only 2 guys in the group plus Luigi. After we walked to a restaurant and then walked and walked to get an Australian SIM card. $30 AUD for a month with a huge amount of data so that we can keep in contact with the group and CEO. 9943 steps.

Followers of my blog

As a follower of my blog, I would really like to know who is following along. Recently I had someone sign up with a handle I don’t know. This one is doctor45ingarb. Please identify yourself in private message or email (or here) or I will delete your access. This goes for anyone else that signs up that I don’t recognize you identity.`

Whoohoo…off on another trip

This Saturday, after 6 previous attempts, I am heading off to Australia and New Zealand…on November 12, 2022.

It was pointed out to me that some of you have not been able to read the descriptions that I had written under pictures, because they were in a vertical line one letter at a time…..crazy! Apparently, this happens if you read the “email” copy of my blog. If you click on the blue “gailstraveladventures” on the email notifying you that I had posted another entry, it will take you to the website and you should be able to get it the way I have written it.

Also, I find that it is “difficult” to comment on the website. If you wish to, please forward comments to me in an email……saves a lot of aggravation.

Anything else that is amiss, unless you inform me, I have no idea so please let me know.

I think I have told you all that I don’t profess to be a writer, that am copying my notes as told to me on tours. There maybe info that you already know but some maybe you did not…some funny stories told. I hope you enjoy coming along on my newest trip.

This is the mess I woke up to after last evening’s storm! This part is also a test.

Paris Aug. 30/22

We are off to Montmartre and Sacre Soeur. I certainly hope it is cooler today than yesterday. It was at 32C. yesterday

It was good to have gotten an Uber ride although the 7 minutes the app said it would take for one to come was way, way longer. It was all uphill. Coming back should be easy… all downhill.

This was a OMG moment at the Sacre Soeur….spectacular! My first impressing was that it reminded me of the “Taj Mahal”. Not any info but a good number of pictures.

There is a funicular as well that you can use. And the stairs… going down was easy…… not so much walking up…. OMG!!!

We continued down coming across the red light district….. unintentionally! Every other store was a sex shop, the buildings of course were run-downed. This is where the “Moulon Rouge” with the big red windmill was situated. But in the middle of this was a lovely pedestrian walkway down the middle of the street, lined with trees.

Another time I would gladly come back here to Paris and investigate more of the museums particularly.

We chatted with a couple of gals originally from San Francisco. One (Janice) was presently living at the foot of the Italian Alps with her Italian husband. The other (Chris) was heading to a month at a chateau in Normandy. That…… sounds like something the Womens Travel group should be interested in.

Oh yes…it was only slightly less hot at 30 C

Correction on something I wrote a couple days back…..Marie Antoinette was not beheaded at the Corciergerie but only held in prison there. She with the 2500 or so others, were beheaded at the Concorde Square, where the blood ran in rivers to the Seine below. Nice, huh?

We are now safely home in Victoria, digesting all that we saw and did. Wow!!! And resting up for the next……