More pictures of Barcelona port area October 27/19

Sculpture at the round-about and ferry port.

Pier to a big shopping centre

Renovating this beautiful “Port of Barcelona” building that looks to me to be built in the French style

Gorgeous sailing vessel


The marina at Barcelona…..thousands of sail boats

The beach of Barcelona

Has anyone ever seen a pale blue eyed sea gull?

Not sure what this is but is sure looked like a fish.

View of the beach

Best looking buoys I’ve ever seen…..sailor boys looking up!

Sculpture on the waterfront plaza.

This building looks quite similar to Burg el Arab of Dubai fame!

Just a bit of money tied up here….reminiscent of Monte Carlo

3 thoughts on “More pictures of Barcelona port area October 27/19

  1. xpattgft

    Who’s that fine looker you have photographed? Love the marina photo
    The Best. Again, enjoy enjoy and enjoy. ❤️💕❤️



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