Ollantaytambo… March 21/19

Our Hotel Sonesta Del Yucay

That’s moss that flies in the wind and gets caught in the power lines!!!

Natural terracing from erosion but isn’t it beautiful

Chapel inside hotel grounds

The ever present fresh flowers in the fountains

Indigenous woman with grass to feed guinea pigs

Before going to Ollantaytambo in the afternoon, Marilyn, Jeanette, Kathryn and I took tuk tuks (called motocito here) into Urubamba for a little tour. Our driver was a young woman with her 3+/- year old daughter. The village itself is nothing really to get excited about but it was fun to ride in the tuk tuks again. These ones looked like they’re souped up racers that could burn rubber. Not!

Our lady tuk tuk driver and her daughter


Check out those racing stripes

Street vendors Urubamba


Another hot rod tuk tuk

Huge Poinsettia

That huge poinsettia plant

Inside centario of Urubamba

Another of the cemetery

Run-off from the hills down the middle of street in Urubamba

Urubamba mural

Gold covered altar inside Urabamba church


45% of population still live as the Incas lived as in the 1400’s with seven families to a complex with a max seven persons to “a” room…. entranced by a gate .

Aqueducts along cobblestone streets. This place called Ollantaytambo that I had never heard of, is amazing…. unbelievable actually. The Incas did experimental farming on the terraces to find out what soils worked best with which product. Different grains for different conditions. They also built the terraces to prevent errosion.

Storage facilities … granaries up the hills to keep dry….built with ventilation.

On top of huge terraced tract is a temple but was incomplete because Spaniard came in 1530s. Some of the terraces were built pre-Inca. They moved 40-50-70 ton granite boulders by using pebbles and logs because they didn’t have the wheel.

It took 110 years to build this city. 80% of the city has been uncovered…20% has not.

On way back we stopped and watched a number of people climb up an almost totally vertical mountain to a “Sky Lodge” cantilevered off the side of the mountain. After you spend the night there, you have the option of repelling or zip lining down. OMG!!!

Sky Lodge

The mountain to climb

Hikers heading up

Zip line down

Someone asked what the stick with bag on top signifies? It means the bar is open. Chicha is what they are selling. It’s made from corn chewed then mixed with pure alcohol!

3 thoughts on “Ollantaytambo… March 21/19

  1. ywglenda

    I’ve so enjoyed all your posts and pictures! You’ve put in quite a lot of work with your blogs! I hope I can continue to go back and read them over every now and then. Just so interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. gailgrant49 Post author

      Thanks Glenda. I’m sure you should be able to go back on them. I know that I have been able to read that which I have posted on other tours. All the information may not be of interest to everyone but it is also a reference that I can check back on….for me.



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