Montivedeo February 24/19

Montevideo, our first port of call…. what a shock it was to see the harbour/dock where our ship was tied up …… so many derelict sunken boats! What not to allow if you want to impress cruise passengers!

We hadn’t booked an excursion and so we just walked through the old port as far as Constitution Square. Most of the stores were closed being that it was Sunday. The whole area could be quite something but it is totally run down. My knee was nasty by the time we got back to the ship.

Some of the sunken boats in Montevideo harbour!

Old town Montevideo

One of the “better” balconies

A little scuzzy!!!

Feeding the pigeons in the park

I love doors but this one needs a little TLC!

4 thoughts on “Montivedeo February 24/19

  1. Rae

    Wow, not sure why they would leave those ships like that. Water pollution at least. Like you said, not good for tourist season. Some of those art pics you can see the talent that someone has but they don’t seem to have the same respect as we do, not to tag on someone is work. That’s too bad. Good pic of the girls, was that Lib walking on the other side of the street when you took that corner bui!ding, good shot Gail. I was wondering if that metal flow kit up at 🌙. Would be very cool. Thanks for sending the pics. Hugs


  2. Eileen Cork

    Hi gail, I am using Eileen’s computer since Don’s was hacked and he wont’t have another one in the house. Lots has changed and will tell you about it when you are back. Let me know when that is. I still have to get mine hooked up, hopefuly soon. I am sick as a dog at the moment with a cold. Should be good in another 5 days or so. I am bored to tears right now. The weather is so beautiful but still very cold!!! Love your pictures! I hope that you are having a great time. Hugs, Chris

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